The Uffizi Map

The Uffizi palace was built between 1560 and 1580 based on a design by Giorgio Vasari. It is composed of two main longitudinal bodies, connected towards the south by a completely similar shorter side, thus giving rise to a "U" shaped complex.
Uffizi Galleries
Map design
The project for the map of the Uffizi Galleries began in July 2018. It was a long process of studying the architecture of the museum and graphic research of the style to be adopted in the design of the floor plans.

The challenge for the Uffizi Galleries was to equip itself with a single map that could contain all the useful information for visitors, routes and rules in a clear, concise and usable way for multiple types of visitors at the same time.
The Uffizi Galleries needed new signage, as well as a simplified and easy-to-read map to be distributed to visitors together with the ticket.
An overall 2D map of the entire museum was needed, indicating the entrance of users with booked and unbooked tickets, the accessible entrance and all the different exits.
The map also had to show the distribution of the different floors, the recommended routes, those for accessibility, the open rooms, the necessary information regarding the location of the ticket offices, the services present, the stairs, the elevators, the safety indications, the rules, indications of recommended itineraries and information regarding accessibility, opening hours and prices of each museum (including Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens), and the location of the museum's most important works.